Marine Awards and Insignia

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ISBN 978-1-884452-29-1

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The most comprehensive and well-illustrated book ever published on the United States Marine Corps awards and insignia. It  traces the history of the Marine Corps through its military awards and insignia.A Short History of Marine Military Medals, Badges and Insignia
Revolutionary War (1775-1782)
War of 1812 (1812-1815)
The Mexican War (1844-1848)
Certificate of Merit (1905)
Civil War (1861-1865)
The Indian Campaign Medal (1865-1891)
Military Society Medals (1865-1913)
War with Spain (1898-1899)
Marines Philippines, China and Central America (1900-1917)
Marines World War I (1917-1918)
Marines World War II (1941-1945)
The Cold War (1945 -1991)
Marines Korea (1950-1954)
Marines Vietnam (1961-1973)
Marines Gulf War (1991-1995)
Marines Global War on Terrorism
The Liberation of Afghanistan and Iraq (2001 to Present)
Marines of the 21st Century
Marines Seals and Emblems
Marines Hat Badges, Buttons and Lapel Pins
Marines Officer Rank Insignia
Marines Enlisted Rank Insignia
Marines Branch Insignia
Marines Badges
Marines Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Marines Military Medal Variations
Military Ribbon & Medal Wear Guide
Marines Medals, Ribbons & Unit Awards
Foreign Military Decorations
Commonly Awarded Foreign Unit Awards
World War II Philippine Military Medals
United Nations Medals and Ribbons
NATO Medals
Other Foreign Medals
Commemorative Medals and Ribbons
How Medals and Ribbons are Worn
Wear of Medals, Ribbons and Insignia
on the Uniform
Wear of Awards by Veterans, Retirees and Former Service Members
Wear of the Uniform by Retired Personnel
How to Determine a Veteran’s Medals
Issue of U.S. Medals to Veterans, Retirees
and Their Families
Awards Displays that Honor American Veterans Printed in the USA and beautifully bound.

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  • Color plates of all Marine Corps medals and ribbons.
  • Foreign awards and UN medals.
  • Complete set of Marine ribbons in the correct order with all attachments and devices.
  • All Marine insignia including World War II shoulder patches.
  • Descriptions of service ID badges, aiguillettes shoulder cords, etc.
  • A guide to correct wear of medals, ribbons, insignia, and badges by active-duty Marines and veterans.
  • How to claim veteran’s medals and display awards and insignia.

A profusely illustrated history of United States Marine medals, ribbons and insignia. Over 200 pages, the full-color book begins with the background and history of Marine Corps awards and insignia from revolution to the present day. Detail sections cover Marine Corps badges and insignia, breast insignia, plus ranks and grades of all Marine officers and enlisted ranks. Additional sections illustrate service and identification badges, marksmanship and trophy badges even down to shoulder cords and fourrageres. Colorful section illustrates shoulder sleeve insignia used by the Marine Corps in World War II and later. Military awards and decorations are fully explain to include all types of medals, ribbons and their attachments. Special sections talk to how to determine a veterans military awards and there is a profusely illustrated section showing how to display veterans military awards from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Southwest Asia, the Cold War, Afghanistan and Iraq. Sections explain how the medals are issued to veterans and families and how to wear medals, miniatures and ribbons by Marines and Marine veterans. Probably the only book in the world that covers all of the military attachments and devices that go on various medals and ribbons. The second half of the book presents a complete illustration of every variation of today’s Marine medals and ribbons. Both front and back of every medal is illustrated with color photographs plus the medal or ribbon’s criteria as well as the attachments to go with it. Additionally there are sections on United Nations medals, commonly awarded foreign campaign medals and NATO medals. There is a section on society and commemorative medals that are related to the Marine Corps. In a nutshell it is the most complete illustrated history of Marine Corps awards and insignia ever published. Printed in the USA and beautifully bound.