US Military Patch Guide

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ISBN 1-884452-34-5

Fall Sale

The world’s most complete illustrated color guide and reference on United States Military Patches (Shoulder Sleeve Insignia). Covers World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Kuwait, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq to present. Over 4,400 Military Patches in color for the Army, Army Air Force, Marine and Special Forces, plus specialty patches. Grouped by service from Armies to Regiments, from Airborne to Armor, from Infantry to Artillery are covered. All three smaller earlier editions of this guide have sold out and have become valuable collector’s items and treasured references for veterans, collectors and historians. The hardback is beautifully printed with heavy paper and excellent color and is really a bargain at $29.95.

  • The most complete and detailed picture reference of the United States Army, Army Air Force, and Marine unit identification patches in the world
  • Over 4,000 different full-color military patches
  • Grouped by service from Armies to Regiments, from Airborne to Armor, from Infantry to Artillery all of the services
  • Size: 81/2” x 11” 162 pages, all


I absolute love it. I am someone that loves collecting historic items. This book was able to put me on the right path to collecting them all.Very informative, good pictures. Easy to follow and use. Must have for any patch collector.

Mostly army patches. Still a good find. This is second one I bought, 1st one for father who retired from Air Force, 2nd one for family friend after seeing my dads. Now two happy old war vets!

The newest release of this book includes patches relevent to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as some of the new units and organizations being organized in the United States.

The part related to US Army is very first class, very good the area for the USMC, while the two sections related to Army Air Force and US Navy are lesser good. Anyway, since I was looking for info on the patches of the US Army, I’m pretty much happy and satisfied.
Overall it’s a purchase that I would like to recommend, fair price for a book that showcase almost every (if not every) patch of the US Army, plus very good info on USMC and good info on Army Air Force and USN.
One small suggestion to the great author of the book: next revision – please – on each and every category of the patches (infantry, cavalry, artillery, sustainment etc.) create a subdivision for same level of patches (brigades, regiments, battalions), this because several times the patches of different levels are mixed together, and this is not a smart and useful solution. Thanks.

This is a great pictorial reference and integrated into the pictures of the patches are so great vignettes of the history behind the patches like the “Ghost Army” units that were the deception operation for D-Day landing at Pas De Calais…very informative!