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The Beginning of Military Awards

The Beginning of Military Awards can be traced to the ancient Egyptians and the Greeks, but the Roman Legions were the first to organize an award system honoring their soldiers for bravery and service. Once recognized, Roman soldiers wore these decorations in battle,...

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How to Determine a Veteran’s Military Medals

Many veterans and their families are unsure of which military medals they were awarded and often for good reasons. Twenty-five, thirty, even fifty years after military service, it is often difficult to remember or clearly identify the awards a veteran may have earned...

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Types of U.S. Marine Awards and Decorations

The United States Marine Corps, being part of the U.S. Naval Service, follows the same awards program as the United States Navy. The Department of the Navy governs the awards program, but administered by the Corps. Most of the awards and decorations are the same for...

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