Air Force Military Ribbon & Medal Wear Guide

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ISBN 978-1-884452-71-1

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A fully illustrated U.S. Air Force guide for male and female officers and enlisted personnel on how to prepare, mount and wear military ribbons and medals. Examples of correct Air Force military ribbon mounts are shown in color complete with designated devices. Complete color charts show the correct order of military ribbons and their devices from WW I, WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and GWOT. All types of medals, ribbons and devices are displayed and explained with color illustrations. A special color chart shows the correct order of wear for multi service ribbons and foreign awards. The different types of ribbon and medal devices are shown along with detail illustrations of how they are mounted on both ribbons and medals for wear. Full color illustrations show how ribbons and medals are worn on the Air Force blue uniform, formal uniform and shirt for male and female officers and enlisted airmen. A color chart of all current United States Military medals is also provided. The booklet is the most complete United States Air Force military ribbon and medal wear guide in the world.