The Décorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia of The United States Navy

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ISBN 1-884452-51-5

Five years in developing this beautiful book provides full-color plates and detailed descriptions and criteria of all Navy medals and insignia earned by Navy veterans and admired by their families from World war II to the Liberation of Iraq. What further sets this book apart is the handsome color plates and detailed drawing describing the criteria, purpose, and background of every award. Battle stars, attachments for valor, dates, places even the significance of ribbon color is presented in a wonderful flowing combination of words and illustrations. There is even a section on how insignia and ribbons were worn in each war and a section on how veterans or their families can claim their medals free!

  • Color plates of all Navy medals and ribbons from 1939 to 2000 with their history and award criteria.
  • All Commonly awarded foreign and UN medals.
  • Navy ribbons chart in the correct order with all attachments and devices.
  • All Navy officer and enlisted rank insignia and Enlisted specialty marks from World War II to present.
  • A guide to correct wear of medals, ribbons, insignia, and badges by active-duty personnel and veterans.
  • How to claim medals and display awards and insignia.
  • Size: 81/2” x 11” 124 pages

“The author has done great job bringing together a wealth of information previously not available in print. The sections on decorations and medals are outstanding and include full color pages on all medals and ribbons. The section on specialty marks is the most complete I have seen, with descriptions, drawings and historical background. The specialty marks not only include those in use today, but detail marks back as far as 1939. The sections on insignia are also good. The author has obviously drawn from many sources and has even gone to the trouble of utilizing line drawings on obsolete badges no longer in existence. There are also color pages clearly showing most of the badges and insignia used since World War II. This is an excellent book for current naval personnel and veterans.”

A reader from Arlington, Virginia, USAThis is a must book for those interested in the U. S. Navy

“This book was published by The Medals of America Press, so it’s not surprising that its main emphasis is on decorations, medals and awards. But it also intends, as the author writes, to be a “definitive” reference covering badges and rank insignia. The color plates are very nice, and the information for current insignia and medals is nice to have. But if

The book is worth the price for the medal information alone.”

a reader from Sacramento, CA United States

“Jim Thompson has done a superlative job by providing in-depth detail of each decoration, medal, device and rank/rate insignia of the U.S. Navy. This book is a must-have reference for anyone who has an interest in the Navy, or the armed services in general.”