U.S. Army Medal, Badges and Insignia

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A Short History of Army Military Medals, Badges and Insignia
Revolutionary War (1775-1782)
War of 1812 (1812-1815)
The Mexican War (1844-1848)
Certificate of Merit (1905)
Civil War (1861-1865)
The Indian Campaign Medal (1865-1891)
Military Society Medals (1865-1913)
War with Spain (1898-1899)
Philippines, China and Central America (1900-1917)
World War I (1917-1918)
World War II (1941-1945)
The Cold War (1945 -1991)
Korea (1950-1954)
Army Vietnam (1961-1973)
Rebuilding the Army (1975-1990)
Army Gulf War (1991-1995)
Army Global War on Terrorism and The Liberation of   Afghanistan and Iraq (2001 to Present)
Army of the 21st Century
Army Seals and Emblems
Army Hat Badges, Buttons and Lapel Pins
Army Officer Rank Insignia
Army Enlisted Rank Insignia
Army Branch Insignia
Army Badges
Army Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Army Military Medal Variations
Military Ribbon & Medal Wear Guide
U.S. Army Medals, Ribbons & Unit Awards
Foreign Military Decorations
Commonly Awarded Foreign Unit Awards
World War II Philippine Military Medals
United Nations Medals and Ribbons
NATO Medals
Other Foreign Medals
Commemorative Medals and Ribbons
How Medals and Ribbons are Worn
Wear of Medals, Ribbons and Insignia
on the Uniform
Wear of Awards by Veterans, Retirees and Former Service Members
Wear of the Uniform by Retired Personnel
How to Determine a Veteran’s Medals
Issue of U.S. Medals to Veterans, Retirees
and Their Families
Awards Displays that Honor American Veterans
U.S. Army Award Display World War II
U.S. Army Award Display WW 2, Europe and Pacific
U.S. Army Korean War Award Displays (1950-53)
Cold War Veteran Displays (1947-1991)
U.S. Army Vietnam Display Cases
U.S. Army Gulf War “Desert Storm” Displays
U.S. Army Afghanistan and Iraq Display Cases
U.S. Army Iraq Display Cases
Other Army Medal, Miniature Medals
and Ribbon Display Cases
U.S. Army Multi Wars Career Display Cases

United States Army Medals, badges and Insignia can best be described as a beautifully detailed illustrated history of United States  Army military awards. There is a complete description of each military award issued by the Army  since the Civil War. The criteria, dates of the awards, background, symbolism and attachments are beautifully described in stunning color. The color plates of all United States military decorations, service medals, marksmanship medals and ribbons to include commonly awarded foreign medals and ribbons is presented in the order of precedence as dictated by the Army pyramid of honor. An especially interesting section on how to claim a families veterans medals free from the government also provides detailed explanations of how to read the military DD 214 discharge certificate. There is a marvelous section on how to wear and display Army awards. And without a doubt there is the most complete chapter on the devices for military awards and ribbons that I have ever seen published. It describes every device which can go on an Army medal or ribbon. There is a beautiful section which displays complete color ribbon charts for all the awards and ribbons of the Army,  since 1939  that is probably not available anywhere else in the world. At 220 pages the book is a remarkable value.