U.S. Army Medal, Badges and Insignia

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ISBN 978-1-884452-61-1


ISBN 978-1-884452-62-8

A Complete Guide for you!

How to Identify Veterans’ Medals

How to Obtain Veterans’ Medals

How to Display Veterans’ Medals

Features complete full color plates of all Army Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges, and Insignia with all criteria.

Full color precedence chart for all US Army awards and ribbons with devices.

Shows insignia and ribbon placement on uniforms for WW II, Korea, Vietnam and present

Pictures, criteria, and speci cations of “all” Army skill and specialty badges.

Details on how to claim your or your family’s medals.

Chronological display of Army rank and branch insignia from 1941 to present.

Commonly awarded foreign medals and ribbons shown in color with details.

All WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Liberation of Kuwait and State Command major unit Shoulder Sleeve insignia in full color.

“The most complete reference ever published for all U.S. Army Medals and Insignia…in a class by itself!”

“A must have book for military personnel, veterans and students of Army history.”

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