United States Army Military Ribbon & Medal Wear Guide

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by Col Frank C Foster (Author)

A Complete Guide for you!

  • How to Identify Veterans’ Medals
  • How to Obtain Veterans’ Medals
  • How to Display Veterans’ Medals
  • Features complete full-color plates of all Army Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges, and Insignia with all criteria.
  • Full-color precedence chart for all US Army awards and ribbons with devices.
  • Shows insignia and ribbon placement on uniforms for WW II, Korea, Vietnam and present
  • Pictures, criteria, and specifications of “all” Army skill and specialty badges.
  • Details on how to claim your or your family’s medals.
  • A chronological display of Army rank and branch insignia from 1941 to present.
  • Commonly awarded foreign medals and ribbons shown in color with details.
  • All WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Liberation of Kuwait, and State Command major unit Shoulder Sleeve insignia in full color.
  • “The most complete reference ever published for all U.S. Army Medals and Insignia..in a class by itself!”
  • “A must-have book for military personnel, veterans, and students of Army history.”
  • “The best Army military awards book ever published, a five-star production!”
  • “The best book bang for the buck in the past ten years…worth twice the price!