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his video is about Marine Corps wings, Parachute badges, EOD, Diver and Special Operations Insignia as well as special Identification Badges. All of the information in this video came from “Marine Awards and Insignia” available at The author displays examples and discusses Marine breast insignia and special identification badges for U.S. Marine Corps personnel. Insignia reviewed are: Marine Wing Insignia, Naval Aviator Insignia, Marine Corps Flight Surgeon WW II, Marine Corps Flight Nurse WW II, Marine Corps Air Crew WW II, Naval Aviation Observer (Tactical) InsigniaBalloon Pilot Insignia, Naval Aviator Insignia, Naval Flight Officer Insignia, Naval Astronaut (NFO) Insignia -Naval Astronaut Insignia, Marine Aerial Navigator Insignia, Naval Aviation Observer Insignia’ Naval Aircrew Insignia, Combat Aircrew Insignia, Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Insignia, Diver Insignia , SCUBA Diver Insignia, Combatant Diver Insignia, Marine Special Operator Insignia, Presidential Service Badge (PSB), Vice Presidential Service Badge (VPSB, Office of the Secretary of Defense Identification Badge (OSD ID), Joint Chiefs of Staff Identification Badge (JCS ID), United States Marine Corps Military Police Badge, Marine Corps Military Police Corrections Badge,United States Marine Corps Criminal Investigation Division (USMC C.I.D.) Badge.