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The Decorations, Medals, Ribbons, Badges and Insignia of The U.S. Marine Corps

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Five years in the developing, this beautiful book provides full color plates and detailed descriptions of all Marine Corps medals and insignia from World War II to the Liberation of Iraq. What further sets this book apart are the detailed drawing and clear text describing the criteria, purpose, and background of every award. Battle stars, attachments for valor, dates, places even the significance of ribbon color is presented in an easy to read combination of words and illustrations. There are bonus sections of on how to wear and display medals and badges and a great guide on how veterans or their families can claim their medals free!

Replaced by Marines Awards and Insignia

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  • Color plates of all Marine Corps medals and ribbons.
  • All Marine decorations and service medals, history and award criteria.
  • Foreign awards and UN medals.
  • Complete set of Marine ribbons in correct order with all attachments and devices.
  • All Marine insignia including officer and enlisted rank insignia 1944 to present
  • World War II shoulder patches.
  • Descriptions of service ID badges, aiguillettes shoulder cords, etc.
  • Detailed information on marksmanship and trophy badges.
  • A guide to correct wear of medals, ribbons, insignia and badges by active duty Marines and veterans.
  • Displaying awards and insignia.
  • How to claim medals.