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This is an all new Marine Corps awards and insignia book that describes and illustrates in full-color all Marine Corps medals and insignia as well as commonly awarded foreign medals. Available at . It replaces the popular Complete Guide to United States Marine Corps Decorations, Medals, Badges and insignia which is now out of print. All Marine ribbons are shown in correct order with all attachments and devices. All Marine insignia including officer and enlisted ranks from 1944 to the present as well as all of the Marine World War II shoulder patches. There are illustrations and descriptions of service identification badges and detailed information on marksmanship and trophy badges. There is a complete guide to the correct wear of medals, ribbons and insignia as well as badges by active-duty Marines and veterans. There is a unique section on displaying Marine Corps medals and badges as well as guidelines on how veterans and their families can claim medals earned in the Marine Corps. It is over 200 pages long in full color, proudly printed in the United States. MOA Press: All this information is available in our books at